Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#17 Delicious

I LOVE this and have cheated and been using it since almost the beginning of this course. I was tipped off at a development day and am so happy that I jumped to it early.

How cool. No more cataloging of favourites and still having to hunt for a site when you want it. Now I just tag with a range of useful workds and list a tag when I'm looking for a site - no need to even remember the exact name!!! Brilliant.

I haven't made a great deal of use of it remotely yet, mainly on the home PC. But I know the functionality is there.

I have not yet investigated looking at others with similar bookmarks. On my to do list.......

# 16 RSS feeds and staying informed

Cool, finally I can see some of these that work!

I like the cartoons and I have subscribed to some education ones. And in desperation went through my old favourites file to find sites that I must like with links!!!! Best Cruises is one..... And Australian Geographic. Now how often I really want to hear from these sites is another issue altogether!!

I like the way that it simply prompted me to open my existing Google reader account and added it super easy. No cutting and pasting for me (like indicated in the video), very happy about that!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#15 RSS

Right, now I know what that means and I'm not scared any more!!!

But perhaps because it is late I can't think of what I want to look for!! The sites I go to often don't have an RSS feed (right, put that on my things to do - how do you add one to a website?).

I have added one, looking forward to what happens tomorrow when I go into google reader again!!!

#14 Facebook update

Okay, it just took a little time for me to realise that this could be useful......

I've chosen to focus on Facebook rather than MySpace as it seems the more "adult" one. And I found some friends here (although that was difficult).

I've set up a page for my husband's business, a great simple way to upload photos (much more difficult on our website). And I've had a live chat with someone OS that was short and fun!!

Yes, I might stick with this one. Happy to see that when I searched for some of my students I found their content was blocked - good, they are getting the message about not putting info out there for everyone to see.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Come Play!

I was wondering what would happen when I chose to add this to my blog from the other site... Now I know, it goes in the blog spot.

Have a look at this - our add to attempt to win the rights to host the soccer World Cup.

Come Play!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

# 14 Facebook extras!!

I didn't mention that I have watched Twitter occasionally, but for purely unprofessional reasons!! I followed Lance Armstrong and some other cyclists through the Tour and it was somewhat fascinating to hear their short accounts of the day, and being able to "trust" the account since it hadn't been spun by the media. I cannot possibly think of anyone that would be vaguely interested in my posts though.

And Ning! Perhaps I am just being attracted to something listed as more professional. But I typed in engineers and got a page of credible sounding groups. And then of course dozens of cool (well I think so, perhaps you would call them nerdy) maths teacher groups.

# 13 & #14 Myspace and Facebook

Oh boring...... I have been dreading this one, but without a rational reason. I just seem to generally avoid the mainstream, and these are just oh too popular!!! Which is what has been good about this course so far, it has made me look into things that I usually would not go near.

A great success story - the Google stuff that I have gotten into.

A great loss - Myspace and Facebook! I just can't get into it. I've mucked around for half an hour and not found friends that I'm pretty sure would be on one or the other. I can be forced to understand their great appeal from teens (and therefore the very clever "marketing" by companies etc and the clever inclusion by libraries (that could otherwise not be cool enough for teens), but far out these kids need to get outside more. What was it that Billy Connolly said?: "why are they on the internet - because you wouldn't talk to them in a %#$^@ pub". Touche.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Oooo yeah. This was an add-on to the Flickr stuff and at first glance it is absolutely magic.

My first thoughts are that I can get my just-3 year old to talk to her picture. I then have a record of how she speaks (it's so cool right now) without needing to get the video camera out (and then have the issues of quick access years down the track).

Then the other kids can have a go and far out - what a place for my aging parents. Let Dad tell his stories to the computer and they are stored forever. And we can share them with family so easily. I thought photo books were turning into a good Christmas present, but this one tops that.

Yes, will be having a much better look at this on in daylight. Take a few minutes yourself, looks like great potential.