Tuesday, October 6, 2009

# 13 & #14 Myspace and Facebook

Oh boring...... I have been dreading this one, but without a rational reason. I just seem to generally avoid the mainstream, and these are just oh too popular!!! Which is what has been good about this course so far, it has made me look into things that I usually would not go near.

A great success story - the Google stuff that I have gotten into.

A great loss - Myspace and Facebook! I just can't get into it. I've mucked around for half an hour and not found friends that I'm pretty sure would be on one or the other. I can be forced to understand their great appeal from teens (and therefore the very clever "marketing" by companies etc and the clever inclusion by libraries (that could otherwise not be cool enough for teens), but far out these kids need to get outside more. What was it that Billy Connolly said?: "why are they on the internet - because you wouldn't talk to them in a %#$^@ pub". Touche.

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