Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Aahhhh! All that time creating a Lego character and I can't save the damn thing (or rather have given up trying). Yes, fun, waste of time, but fun.

The baby one was a bit of a worry. Uploaded a photo of my husband and I and the kiddie doesn't look like any of ours. A bit disturbed that I could encourage kids to virtually sleep with a celebrity to sus out babies!!!!

Hey, I found one I like!!! Creating jigsaws from your own photos, sounds like a cheap birthday present...... But then Jigzone has hundreds of them ready to go.

And someone else in this course (so I've nicked the idea) has used to create a Simpsons character of yourself!! That's quick and cool. Well perhaps not that quick, but this one actually interested me!

All these sites are really for people with nothing to do!! Get me back to the practical stuff that is going to save me time!! (I know, not the point, I'm supposed to be learning about what turns kids on).

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  1. Yes, you are hoping to be exposed to what kids are into BUT also there are plenty of image generators to help you create imagery and interaction for within the classroom. Whether simply for posters, or presentations or anything you can think of! Plus just a bit of fun downtime. Fiona