Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#8 iGoogle

Okay, at first I thought "nyeh", not a big fan of this one. But after a bit of a play I've found some really useful stuff to put on this page. Such as a link to this blog, and to google docs (my greatest find throughout this course so far).

I note that I can make up my own gadget, so expect I can add my own weblinks. But that seems a bit unnecessary since I have cheated and started using!! There's all my favourites nicely portable, thank you.

So not too sure if I'll make great use of this one. Not a social butterfly so not into all this personalisation as yet. But possibly more useful than my usual homepage (which I am also encouraged to personalise!!).

Videos of google were nice, don't like the idea of putting on weight but most certainly appreciate the massive benefit of feeding your staff!!! There's significant time saved each day by not needing to prepare lunch, or not needing to leave the building to go get it - very clever, I assume there is no reason for anyone to leave the site. I wonder if anyone sleeps there??

Enough raving, kids to put to bed still!!!!!

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