Wednesday, September 2, 2009

# 5

And there I was avoiding Google since it seems so mainstream!

I've had a quick look at the many features and am downloading Sketchup now (that's the engineer in me). I like the sound of Notebook but it wouldn't come up so I'll try that again later - I'm hearing people rave about Onenote (which I don't have either) so would really like to hear from people out there who have experience in either, or preferably both.

I've also looked blankly at the screen of Google docs (which of course is what I'm supposed to be looking at) but can't get inspired to sus that out right now. Would be nice to see a short bit of video on that one!!

Okay, after a short break I did get enthused enough to try a document. Not bad, posted my comments into the document but now I can't get the damn thing to share!! Says I need to verify my account, but of course I've done that already!! Too hard basket, at least I can see it........


  1. Aaahhhhh!!!! Found the video! BRILLIANT!!!! Now emailing the link to others to see how the forms function works within the spreadsheet. SIMPLY AWESOME for us spreadsheet junkies.

    Right, add that to my 16 things to do (and growing....)

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned Notebook because I'd been resigned to never having it as they removed their Beta version and it was only available for pre-existing accounts. It looks like it's back YAY! Although it's taking too long to load so I'll come back later.
    Google is truly truly massive, definitely mainstream, and they're just amazing what they offer. However the monopoly scares me. We need some healthy competition to keep it FREE! Fiona