Monday, September 21, 2009

#11 Library thingy

Oooo, back to something that seems academic and sophisticated - so I'm going to say this is a great site even though I haven't had a great play yet!!

One tiny issue, possibly - many of my very favourite books that I have entered have been printed many times, so they're all not "one book". I wonder if that is a search issue later (when looking for other related books that I might like), but I doubt it will be a problem. I just love how you can type in an author (such as Douglas Adams) and expect to see a few books, but there are heaps!! And one's I hadn't known existed - I take it that that is when a site like this becomes really cool. And stops you going to bed when you are knackered.

A first play here indicates that Google Books would work very nicely together with this site. Still nice to search by keyword in GB.

Nevertheless I like this one, will be sticking a widget on my blog (whatever the hell a widget is, I expect we learn that later???).

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  1. Very good point - we don't learn what a widget is later! A widget is essential an additional feature, a plug-in, an add-on - something that you can take from one place and stick it in another place to increase or add functionality. In this instance, we take the LibraryThing widget from the LibraryThing site and then add it to your blog or website. I hope that makes sense! Fiona